Dr. Dennis Grant

Dr. Dennis Grant

Author, Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker, Community Activist, Mentor, and Pastor.

Dr. Dennis Grant has embarked on yet a new wave of helping others.  The outspoken pastor and community activist catapulted to notoriety in the early nineties as a result of his efforts in helping juvenile delinquents turn their lives around through mentorship and championing social justice.  In the nineties, he mentored over 50 at risk young men and lobbied Governor Jeb Bush for clemency for Lionel Tate, the youngest person to ever be charged for murder at the time.  He also reunited “Baby Sunshine” with her mother after being left at a fire station.  He fought for social justice for Oral Brown, who died as a result of being hogtied by BSO and led a demonstration for justice for two brothers killed in the I-95 by a drunk driving FBI officer.



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