FREE SAMPLE! Grant Amazingly Healthy Tea Bags-3 ct.

FREE SAMPLE! Grant Amazingly Healthy Tea Bags-3 ct.


Product Description

Try our Grant Amazing Sour Sop Tea.  Full of Vitamins!

Sour sop has been known for ages for its medicinal value. GRANT Amazing, Inc. has presented the Sour sop leaf in organic tea bags for your health and convenience, so you may enjoy it day or night as a hot or cold drink. Using 2 to 3 bags a day for maximum benefit.

Receive 4 – Grant Amazing Sour Sop Tea bags FREE, just pay $3.95 for shipping & handling.

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  1. Nolan Hymon

    I’ve been drinking Grant Amazingly Healthy Sour Sop Tea since April of 2017. The tea is refreshing when cold. The Tea has a mild herbal flavor that is not unpleasant. I like to add a small amount of a sugar free lemon drink mix and a little honey. The first thing I noticed is a relaxing calm, peaceful, and pleasant feeling. I work in a stressful environment, and I will have a cup on my breaks; when I return to work I’m cheerful. The second benefit I’ve noticed is that I don’t have upper & lower respiratory infections anymore, I used to get them every 3-4 months. I also take a capsule an hour before bed, and my sleep as improved, I wake up without that drugged feeling.

  2. Shereka Washington

    I saw this reviewed in a cancer discussion and wanted to try it.

  3. Shaz mck


  4. Shaz mck

    Site was easy to. Use

  5. Patson Mphande

    I anxiously need the soursop herbal medicine.

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